“I write songs because I need to. It’s the only way I’ve ever known to process everything I feel.” Laura never imagined that the songs she had written for herself would end up all over the globe.

Passionate and introspective in her craft, Laura is known for her intense stage presence, awkward innocence, authentic humility, and confessional songwriting. Laura remains focused on the musical conversation she is sharing with the audience. Every song is personal for Laura, and she is hailed for creating an intimate space where it’s okay to laugh, cry, and feel everything.

Her latest record, Love & Other Things, is a continuation of Laura’s unique style of organic piano- and acoustic guitar-based tracks, coupled with honest lyrics and rich vocals. A collection of nine songs primarily focused on love in its various stages and forms, the album was independently produced and features select musicians and engineers who embraced Laura’s Do-It-Yourself, home-grown vibe.

With no manager or booking agent, little to no press, and one year of piano lessons when she was nine, Laura has managed to sell out venues in the Philadelphia area and has had her songs placed in various television shows, movies, and YouTube videos around the world.

“It’s overwhelming for me sometimes, but it’s incredibly humbling to receive emails/letters/hugs from complete strangers describing how something I created for me touched or comforted them in some way.”

Thank you for supporting an independent artist, and let the music play you.

More information about Laura:

  • She is a part-time singer/songwriter
  • She works as a full-time Speech-Language Pathologist with the adult/geriatric population
  • She occasionally works as an Adjunct Professor of Interpersonal Communication

A few places the songs have traveled…

  • Laura’s song “First to Fall” was prominently featured in the Hallmark Movie Elevator Girl, and also in a commercial that aired in the Czech Republic
  • “Toronto” has been featured at the end of episodes of the Food Network’s show Chopped
  • “Anyway” was featured in the BBC’s show Skins
  • Four of Laura’s songs were featured in the independent film, All in Time. Laura also worked as a principal actor in the film, playing a version of herself as a student and musician.

The folks who play along from time to time:

  • Dominic Cole – Acoustic/Electric Guitar
  • Michael Litt – Drums
  • Andy McGowan – Bass
  • Mike McCarthy – Flugal Horn
  • Nyke van Wyk – Violin
  • Karen Shay – Percussion

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