NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest: “Hollow”

In another effort toward healing, I submitted an original song to the NPR 2022 Tiny Desk Concert Contest.

I haven’t wanted to go to a vulnerable place and play my own music because I’ve honestly felt pretty raw for a long time, and it’s been difficult to get through a song without crying.

I gave myself permission to leave my job after almost a decade working in home health care (complete with dog bite to the face), and my last day was March 3. It was a highly emotional day, so I came home, had dinner with the family, saw the girls off to their activities, put the little guys to bed, and went downstairs into our office, still in my scrubs and a messy bun, and told myself I would record ONE take of this song (clearly with no regard for image, sound or lighting), and submit it. And that’s what I did.

I have met countless people in my tenure as a therapist and shared in their trauma. It’s incredibly tragic how life can change in an instant. This song is ultimately about grieving.  I hope it speaks to you in some way.