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scribbled by laura on November 27, 2014

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m reflecting on what I’m thankful for, as I’m sure many of us are! It’s been an interesting year and, now more than ever, I feel I’m in a place in life where I’m simply more appreciative. Maybe that comes with age 🙂 So here’s a small list based on my reflection, in no particular order…

1. All of you!
I cannot thank YOU enough for supporting me and my songs over the past decade and a half. I have been incredibly fortunate to find something I love to do and have had the ability (and support) to pursue it just enough to truly enjoy it without it becoming a “job.” Like the proverbial tree falling in the woods… can music exist without a listener? I am grateful for all of you who support my small contribution, and I’m still amazed that these songs (written mostly in my parents’ living room) have found their way across the world. So thank YOU for your ears and your love!

2. My family
I couldn’t have asked to belong to a better group of people. Some of you have probably seen my parents and siblings at a show, and in all honesty, they’re the best. Plain and simple. I’m thankful for them and their unconditional love (and that I get to see them today)! I’m also incredibly thankful for the new family I’ve chosen and look forward to the next chapter with them.

3. Health
As I’ve written about before, I have the privilege to work with many people who are going through something very difficult, and being in the health care field has had a profound impact on my life and how I approach my health. I’ve made some recent choices to try and improve my health (thanks to a good deal of reading and documentary watching about nutrition), and I’m just grateful for the fact that I wake up every morning and have the opportunity to run, play, breathe easy, and especially, communicate.

4. Pets/Animals
How great are our fur-friends?!? How can you not love them! Having a dog has been one of the greatest joys in my life and I can’t imagine life without my big girl!

My Kodi!

5. America
I hope this doesn’t sound cliché, but I am grateful to have been born in this country. We are not without our share of problems, but we live in a country where we are free to express ourselves through a variety of forms. As a female, I have had the opportunity to obtain an amazing education and a career. Many women aren’t so fortunate. We have incredible choices and opportunity in this country, and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful.

I hope you all have a fantastic, gratitude-filled day with loved ones…
(and without turkey for all my vegetarian and vegan friends)!



2 Responses to “Gratitude”

  • I am thankful for people & artists like you that provide people like me a voice to hear in the dark when none exists in the light


    Joshua Braskett


    Saturday, November 29, 2014
  • Hey Laura,
    I watched a Hallmark movie and heard your song on it and was blown away by it’s deep beauty. You are a beautiful human being in side and out and you made a difference in my life by sharing your pain in your song, “First to Fall.” Thank you,




    Saturday, June 18, 2016
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